Specialists in Onshore Terrain Evaluation, Oil and Gas Engineering, Remote Sensing and GIS.

  • Pipeline
    Terrain Evaluation and Route Optimisation
  • Pipeline Cover Monitoring - Ground Movement Analysis
  • Hydrological Analysis with Worldview2 8 band false colour
  • Fault Analysis
  • Image Analysis Worldview2 8 Band
  • Satellite Terrain Engineering Ltd (STE) is an independent engineering and design consultancy, specialising in Geology for oil and gas developments and pipelines. Our commitment to technical excellence and ongoing research and development in remote sensing allows us to provide cutting edge technology, enabling remote oil and gas projects to progress. With the use of remote sensing cost and schedule savings can be made at various stages of upstream geology exploration and midstream engineering projects, from Conceptual, Pre-FEED and through to FEED.

    Our wide range of capabilities include Geological Interpretation, Field development, CPF site selection, satellite image analysis, terrain evaluation, route optimisation, risk assessment, cost modelling, construction methodology and surveying of onshore oil and gas pipelines often in remote regions of the world.

    STE is a pioneer in the rapidly developing areas of remote sensing ,GIS and is partner for DigitalGlobe.